Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Basic Understanding on Body Language

Body Language is a part of Non-Verbal language. It includes things like gestures, facial expressions and even small things that are barely perceptible like a brief shrug of the shoulder or nod of the head. We frequently communicate both bodily and verbally and an estimated 70% of what we communicate may be on verbal.  Non verbal language is an even bigger category than body language and includes things like tone of voice.

Since, most of us live in one area the body language may be similar among people, its important to know that your gesture, what you do with your arms when you are sitting or standing and talking to someone else, and even what your posture may say.

Excellent Body Language
  1. Maintaining a relaxed posture while walking or during a meeting- Relaxed posture indicates you are comfortable in your surrounding and not under stress. Even if you are in stress while working, when you reduce the appearance of stress, those around you will feel comfortable and have more faith in your abilities.
  2. Mannerisms- Mannerisms like fidgeting, moving around while talking, breaking Eye Contact can be seen as a distractive to those around you. These mannerisms can make you appear anxious, unprepared even if you are not. Mannerisms can be controlled by making note of when they occur and consider ways to alter them. Many times, mannerisms are just old habits that need to be broken.
  3. Controlling Facial Expressions- Learning how to control your facial expressions can help you become more successful in the workplace Change your facial expression by practicing in the mirror. Find an expression that is relaxed and calm and make an attempt to wear it as often as possible around others.
Body language plays a key role in helping an individual to form quick impressions. Through body language, a person can convey a host of feelings without actually speaking a single word. The body language really can reinforce or contradict verbal messages because a person’s body discloses true feelings.

Action speaks louder than words are an indicator that body language is the literal translation to this statement. The ability to understand body language is powerful tools that will help us connects with others, express what we really mean and build relationships. 

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