Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interview Questions & Answers

One of our student attended interview lectures taken by our Founder & CEO Mr Piyush Bhatia. He asked the following questions after the Interview Training.

What kind of salary do you need?
Looking at the experience I have, I am looking for a salary of Rs xx lac's (per annum).

What is your philosophy towards work?
I believe in being professional at my work and focusing my efforts on increasing my contribution to the profits of the company. The more I do that the more I grow.

Explain how you would be an asset to this organization.
My expertise in this field, dedication and passion will help the company / department grow. I have plans for training my colleagues and building a strong and reliable team that will produce extraordinary results.

Tell me about your dream job.
Working in your company has been a very long dream. Ideally, I would like to work in an environment which encourages one to take on challenges, make mistakes, learn from them. Also I encourage the same to my team members. I know it is not possible to find a department without issues and I know these issues themselves are an opportunity to grow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Developing the Right Attitude

Common Traits of Successful People

If we study the lives of successful people we will observe that irrespective of their careers every successful individual carries one common trait.
It is interesting to note that all of them have a positive attitude!

Planning Your Career

We all want to accomplish something or the other in life.. But are we specific when we talk of our goals? It may be any profession that you have chosen for yourself but what’s important is that you clearly define your goals. In fact you should not only be specific about your goals and destination but also about the period of time in which you see yourself accomplishing it. Writing your goals on paper is a good way to begin.It’s a commitment you are making towards turning your dreams into reality.. Remember that life is not a fairytale! A goal not written on paper is merely a wish.And we are not talking of wishful thinking. Writing your goals validates that you believe your goals are attainable.Your faith is very important for your success and is the key to a positive attitude. You’ll be surprised to know that the vast majority of people do not write down their goals. You can proudly pat your back after writing your goals out on paper.You’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd!

If you are still unsure about it then consider this. Have you seen anyone constructing a building without sketching and confirming plans for construction. The answer is no. Then why not put down our career plans on paper in a complete form. Once you do that, then you are already half way towards achieving them. Next comes perspiration and persistence.

The fact is that many people live life without any purpose. They spend a major part of their life wandering around looking for a purpose, a way to live, a dream, a goal to pursue. Such people are seldom successful. This leads to bad attitudes. When they don’t get the desired results, they start cribbing and growing resentful. They often sulk and blame other people around them or may be even blame society for their failure. They live a life of a victim. They also blame their luck for not supporting them.

A wise man knows that the secret of being successful is in being aware of the direction in which we are traveling. Such a man also knows that the road to achieve your goal might have hurdles on the way.

Let’s talk about luck: It is likely for people to consider a certain group of people lucky because they don’t have to try hard and yet have everything. They sure are lucky, aren’t they? Certainly. However according to me luck is a blend of opportunity and preparation. Opportunity knocks at our door every passing day. We need to be prepared to recognize and grab those opportunities. If we know our goal very well right from the beginning, then we can prepare ourselves from the outset and make full use of the opportune moments.

In case you are not aware yet about what you want out of life, Let me tell you that you are among the 98% of all population. One way to know what you really want, is by doing this exercise. Imagine you have just won a cash prize of 50 million dollars. Keep your eyes closed and see yourself doing all the things that you want to for the next few years. It is possible that very soon after doing many activities like traveling around the world, buying luxurious homes, leading a lavish lifestyle, a stage will come when you would want to do something with your everyday life. After leading a life of luxury and having done all that you wanted to do a point will come when, you would ask yourself ‘What next?’ Listen to the answer carefully. It needs immediate attention. Start working towards it right away. Your answer may not match what you are currently doing for a living, but identifying it can be your starting point!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Customer Service Industry - Past, Present and Future

Our Founder & CEO, has this to say regarding the Past, Present and Future of Customer Service Industry.

What has led to the widespread emergence of the customer service industry in the last decade or so?

  • The world economy has seen immense changes in the last decade. Countries were earlier competing on production capacity and quality. Production became stagnant in the last decade as everybody produced the same quality of TV at the same price. Purchase decisions, hence, are based on the quality of service the company offers. Again, brands take longer time to develop by providing excellent as product can be compared by looking at the features, but customer service can be known only by word-of-mouth.

What are the qualities one must posses to make a foray and sustain in this industry?

  • Customer Service, Marketing & Sales – itself means a lot of interaction. It may be in person, on phone or both. A fresher requires to posses excellent Communication Skills to start with. A personal liking or passion for interaction increases the chances of getting the first job. In addition to Communication Skill, one requires to be presentable, assertive, enthusiastic, confident and ofcourse a very good listener. In order to grow in this industry one must posses managerial & leadership skills, be organized and be business-oriented.

What are the growth opportunities (scope) offered by this sector once one has set a footfold?

  • Once one starts with being a Customer Service Executive, depending on the company & domain one is in, personal inclination towards certain profile and most important based on performance one can become a Team Leader, Quality Manager, Process or Soft Skills Trainer, Head of Operations / Sales.

Please comment on the pay scale in this sector (what can freshers expect and a rough idea by how much will this figure increase once a person has gained sufficient experience?)

  • A fresher with excellent communication skills can start with a payscale of Rs 1 lac to 2 lac, again depending upon the other factors like qualifications, age, industry and the company. Within 2-3 years, by demonstrating excellent performance one can expect a 100% jump in the pay packet and other rewards such as incentives, higher designation, performance bonuses, perks and other facilities.

Please comment on the future of customer service industry

  • The industry as of now is very exciting and will become more exciting and also a bit competitive as we move ahead. As happens in any industry, the best ones will be rewarded handsomely. Companies will increase budgets for customer service and a lot of investment will go in training and developing, so top performers in this industry should expect exposure to the best, new growth opportunities both in terms of compensation and job profile and ofcourse upgraded lifestyle.