Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips for English Trainers

Trainer is a person who gives people training on various subjects and guides them in order to take them to the next level. It is the responsibility of the trainer to understand the requirement of his/ her subject and make an impact to their lives.

Language trainers need to be very particular and precise. They should be well accepted and understood by the audience. They should themselves be well equipped with the product knowledge and should have the quality of being quick and correct decision makers. The lives of the trainees should be inspired by the trainers. The trainers should give them a clear vision of where their efforts will take them in future. The trainer should make the trainees feel the importance of the language.

Motivator: The trainer should act as a motivator. He should time and again motivate his audience. Motivation should come not only by narrating inspirational stories but also by giving them personal impact to which they can easily relate.

Trainers should act like “trainers” and not “teachers”. Most of them forget that their lies a difference between trainers and teachers. Teachers are the ones who have the knowledge and want people to know exactly what they know. For the trainers, the game is completely different. Trainers are the guides, who help in exploiting the potential of their audiences and create a spark in them. Sessions with the trainers should always have something that the trainee can take home.

Excellent Presenter: The trainer by default is expected to present his or her own self in a very genuine and decent manner. He should imbibe all the qualities that an orator (good speaker) should possess.

Eye Contact: eye Contact is one of the ruling factors to excel in the art of presentation. In order to get the attention at the first go.

Expressions: The trainer should be very expressive while delivering speeches The vocal chord of the trainer needs to be very supportive.

Confidence: Trainer is expected to be a complete idol of confidence. Confidence is expected to be at its brim.

Energetic and Enthusiastic: The energy level of the trainer needs to be at its peak. He should just give away all the positive energies to the audiences and create a different atmosphere altogether.

Clarity: Immense clarity is expected from the trainer. If the trainer is not clear, it is considered a “crime” in his profession and not a mistake.

The trainer should be cut above the edge and should help the audience in improving themselves. The audiences should feel that he is from a different world altogether. 

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