Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Develop Corporate Hygiene

Good hygiene forms an imperative (extremely important) part of our routine life. Most of the people associate frequent hand washes as a sign of good hygiene habits. However, hygiene is not limited to keeping your hands clean. It involves many more habits that are essential for a better self presentation.
Hygiene habits are of utmost importance when it comes to careers and workplace. Good Hygiene habits amongst the corporate Men and Women signify a sense of personal care.

Develop Corporate Hygiene Habits

Bad Breath
Bad Breath should be a complete No-No. You should ensure that you indulge in serious oral hygiene as at work you will have to speak and communicate with colleagues and if you suffer from bad breath, others are going to have a tough time. It will instantly amplify (reflect) your lack of hygiene habits and personal care.

Body Odor
Body Odor works as an enemy. When it comes to corporate hygiene, most people complain on how their peers stink due to body odor. If you do not want to be the person about whom they are talking then you need to change your Hygiene Habits.

Wear Washed and Ironed Clothes
Another important component of Corporate Hygiene is to wear washed and ironed clothes. An unwashed dress or shirt might stink due to prior wear. Crinkles on your clothes create a bad impression. Clean, ironed and fresh clothes exhibit your Good Hygiene Habits.

No Smelly Feet
Your feet should not be smelly. They should be clean especially for women, who wear open shoes at times. Make sure you invite good footwear that do not cause bad odor.

Avoid Chewing, Spitting and Littering in Office premises
Along with personal hygiene, one needs to ensure that the office premises are clean as well. Make sure the desks are dust and clatter free. Indulge in good sanitary habits.

These are some of the basic Corporate Hygiene that one must posses. It helps to personify a better character and Personality. Confidence, Adequate usage of English Language and Right Attitude is a good combination and BM assures you that these elements will help you stand out of the crowd and make a difference. 

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