Monday, January 5, 2009

Essence of Personality Development

Most of us are under the misconception that the physical appearance and various other external characteristics of an individual is an epitome of his or her personality. We all stress on factors such as height, weight, stature and complexion in context to personality. But if you thought that it's only the external beauty or physical perfectionism of an individual that is a decisive factor of personality then it’s high time you need a reality check.

Indeed, physical appearances do matter, but since most of them are beyond our control it's useless to waste our time and energy thinking on them. Besides physical appearances, there are various other qualities that one needs to polish. In today's world, Personality is reflected as the 'Brand 'of an individual. In essence, personality consists of three aspects namely:

Personality development is basically about polishing your behavioral and communication skills and improving interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and ethics.

Character is one of the essential factors in determining an individual’s personality. Many renowned psychologists are of the opinion that improvising character and behavior alone can influence one's personality immensely. In fact, all the other features building an influential personality will be of no use if the person lacks a good character.

A person's conduct or behavior is equally important in grooming one's personality. Personality of an individual is like a building. A building can stand strong only if it has a strong foundation. Similarly, a personality can impress others only when it has a admirable foundation that is attributed by good behavior and conduct. Good behavior is a key to success when it comes to personality development. The more courteous you are, more will the people admire you. A personality developed on the solid base of values and ethics will always outshine you from others.

The person, who wishes to improvise his /her overall personality, needs to have the aspiration and fortitude to work towards it. As it's said 'Rome wasn't built in a day'; likewise is the personality development. It needs time, effort and determination.

Every individual is unique and each one of us have innumerable hidden qualities that we are unaware of. The quintessential thing is to discover those qualities and polish them. And then with a positive attitude, a good character and sound behavior, developing an outstanding personality will not be so arduous. In wise words of Spiritual Guru Swami Vivekananda- "All Power is within You"

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